Toddler Swallowed 37 Magnets

| Child Health

Three year old Payton Bushnell from Oregon, was taken to the hospital when her parents thought she had the stomach flu. It went on for days at home before the parents actually decided to take her to the hospital because they couldn’t stop her from vomiting. X-rays revealed that she had swallowed 37 Buckyballs magnets and that the balls had ripped a hole in her stomach and 3 holes in her lower intestine. She was rushed immediately to have invasive surgery done to remove the magnets.

She is fine now and is expected to make a full recovery. If the parents had waited any longer to take her to the hospital or the doctors decided, for some reason, not to take an X-ray, Payton would have died. This is indeed a very lucky child.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has said that if you swallow two or more magnets that it is dangerous and even life threatening because they can attract and connect to each other and cause a tear or hole in your intestine. It is important for parents to follow guidelines on the products they buy. Buckyballs and Buckycubes have labels on them that say they are not toys but are for adults. It would be hard to recognize that there are a few tiny balls missing from the box unless you count them every time you use them. They can come in a box with up to 200 balls.

If anyone knows of another product that parents should be aware of please leave a comment here.

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