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    Pregnancy Lies

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    Pregnancy Calendar

    Our week by week pregnancy calendar guide: If you are planning a family, are pregnant now, or have a young family then you have come to the right place, for advice and guidance. We also offer information on the forty weeks of pregnancy and the labor process. We have articles on infants and newborns. We also have helpful tips on raising your kids, new moms, and many more situations that beginner … [Read More...]

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    Folic Acid

    Folic acid, which is also refered to as vitamin B9 or folate, is one of the few nutrients known to prevent neural tube birth defects which affect the spinal cord and brain such as spina bifida. Women who take the recommended daily dose of folic acid, 400 mcg, starting one month before they conceive and throughout the first trimester can reduce their baby's risk of birth defects such as spina … [Read More...]

Guest Post-Childs First Dental Visit


This is a guest article from Manchester cosmetic dentists where you can learn more about helping your child to have healthy teeth and gums during their life. Tips for Children’s First Dental Visit It’s true, a fear of the dentist plagues many adults. If you or your spouse suffers from a similar dental fear, there’s…
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Pregnancy Lies

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Baby Falling Asleep

baby leo

This video is so cute!

Low Income Housing

for rent

How many people are worrying about where your rent money is going to come from every month? Maybe you are worrying about whether or not you are going to have a roof to live under next month. There are a ton of places that you can go online to find help with low income housing.…
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Mirror Mirror on the Wall- 8/15/12

mirror mirror on the wall

Mirror mirror on the wall.

Heroes in the Colorado Theater Shootings


Century 16 in Aurora, Colorado, in the early morning hours on Friday, July 20, 2012.There is 12 dead and at least 50 other customers wounded after a man wearing a gas mask open fired inside the theater. He let off two cans of some kind of gas in the theater and then started shooting. Some…
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Wordless Wednesday!

smile baby

There was just too much cuteness to fit into one picture!

Wordless Wednesday- Breathless

fathers day

Truely a time to treasure.

Bath Time With the Dogs

dog bath time

This baby’s laugh is soooo cute! You can’t help but smile when you hear it!

Breast-Feeding Flash-Mob Assembles After Woman Verbally Abused for Breast-Feeding in Public!

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How many of you breastfeed your baby? Maybe you plan to? Would you breastfeed your child in public? How would you feel if you were in public and saw a woman breastfeeding her baby? Imagine how Kelly Schaecher must have felt when she was asked to move into a corner booth at a café in…
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How to Beat The DNS Changer Virus!

Dns chngr virus

How many of you woke up this morning and tried to check your email, or Facebook, or Twitter, or even (God forbid you should still have an account) MySpace and were greeted with a blank screen? Thousands of people experienced the same problem! While everyone is asking the same question; WHAT CAUSED THIS!? For all…
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