A new baby in the family is a special time for everyone. You will have lots of company those first few weeks the baby is home. A new mother needs to make sure that she takes time for herself. It is easy to get caught up into entertaining friends and family that stop by. Have a family member sit with the baby for a while to ensure you get a nap. This will make your time with your new baby more enjoyable. There is usually a lot of free offers to sit with your newborn. Soon friends and family will not stop by as often and you will be on your own with the new schedule. It can be tiring trying to do it all by yourself.

Enlist dad’s help after work and dinner. Maybe he could clean up dinner or do dishes to give you a moment of rest. Dad can even hold the baby (a great time for father and baby bonding) while you do some laundry or take a relaxing bath. It is normal for the baby to lose a few ounces during the first week of life.

Caring for the baby’s umbilical cord is important. It should stay clean and dry. At times it will look a little gross but as long as it is not oozing puss it is fine. It will drop off on its own. Do not get impatient and pull on it.

Sometimes you might see a little blood stain on the baby’s sleeper. Again it is fine if it is not losing constant blood. Do not become alarmed if your baby sleeps for hours. Most babies wake up when they get hungry. Some babies might even sleep up to nine hours at a time. You should check on baby every so often and they say to never leave the baby alone. You should not restrict your noise level in the house too much. Babies should get used to the t.v. or other background noise fairly easily.

By the third week your baby will probably regained most of the weight that he lost in week one. You might notice your baby looking at your face, and might even notice a spontaneous smile. Some people will disagree with you. Old school says that a baby that smiles this young has gas. He/she may even begin to recognize familiar sounds, such as mommie’s voice. He/she might also start to recognize familiar objects. Studies have proven that babies at this age can see objects that are black, white, and red.

Your baby at this age will try to lift his head, that is why it is important not to place anything inside the bassinet with the baby. Stuffed animals and blankets can cause suffocation. Studies now show that you should always place a baby on their back. This can prevent suffocation and even SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). It is also important not to place a pacifier on a string. It can easily get wrapped around the baby’s neck causing suffocation.

As your baby begins to grow he will be more alert. Most people do not like to use the same detergent on the baby’s clothes that they use for their own. They make a special detergent just for babies that is usually available at most retail stores. If your infant develops a rash you should immediately discontinue any new product that you have tried. You should consult a physician if the rash does not disappear. Most of all, take time to enjoy your infant. They do not stay infants for long and soon you will be chasing after your toddler and saying “they sure grow up fast”.


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