How to Choose a Name

There are many questions to ask yourself before you give your baby a name. You want to make sure it blends right with your last name. You do not want your child to be teased as he grows up because of his/her name. Therefore you should take the time to be informed. For example….You should be careful of unisex names. You might want to have these as middle names so there won’t be any confusion of the sex of the child. Examples….Terry (Terri), Kerry (Carrie), and Francis (Frances).

Another mistake people make when choosing a name is …choosing a long first name with a long last name. Also , a short first name with a short last name. The rule of thumb here is a long last name with a short first name, or a short first name with a long last name. You might also want to avoid rhyming names Example …Taylor Sailor. You need to think if there could be another meaning behind the name. Example…May Day.

Nicknames are just as important as your real name. For example… If you do not like the name John then you might not want to use the name Jonathan , or Robert shortened to Bob Although these names sound nice at the time ,the child may grow up and decide to shorten it.

Some people want to name the baby after dad. This can get confusing later in life, as you both get phone calls or mail into the house. It might make more sense to change the spelling just a little. For example… Elijah (Elias) You might also decide to call the baby by his middle name instead of the same name as dad.

Some people choose a name solely based on the meaning. Some Examples are… Justin Timothy (upright/just one, honoring God), Christina Elizabeth (Christian, consecrated to God) Whatever you decide … be proud of your new addition. We have made this guide to help you in your selection of a name.


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