Beating the Heat Without Power

As the heat continues in the East, millions are still without power. Many were coping fine for the first couple of days. Many Families have been able to eat meat that had been defrosting in their freezer. However, several days have gone by and no relief in the heat coupled with the fact that they have no electricity is now starting to take its toll.
Stores are starting to run out of a lot of supplies that they had stocked, including ice. They are now starting to throw away spoiling meats as well as freezer and refrigerated items. Two food pantries have now emptied their shelves of stored food and water. Grocery stores are beginning to close their doors to customers. It is getting so bad in West Virginia that there is now a food shortage in that state. The National Guard has organized a food drive to help get food and water to many people in West Virginia. They have begun to go door to door to check on the elderly and make sure that people are surviving and finding ways to keep cool in the outstanding temperatures.
Six states will have triple digit temperatures again today. The death toll from heat related storms has already risen to twenty and is expected to continue to rise as the temperatures continue to soar! I hope that as many celebrate the fourth they will use good judgment when it comes to the heat. As people celebrate the fourth of July with friends and family, they will need to mindful of the heat as this can cause some problems. As you celebrate, be sure to stay hydrated, continually apply sunscreen and stay cool as much as possible.
With temperatures soaring, another problem many people are facing is their kid’s sports events. While many children would love to still go out in the heat and play, it may be best to keep your children inside at the moment. If you DO have your children go out, be sure that they have lots of water to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks to reduce the risk of getting overheated.

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