Heroes in the Colorado Theater Shootings


Century 16 in Aurora, Colorado, in the early morning hours on Friday, July 20, 2012.There is 12 dead and at least 50 other customers wounded after a man wearing a gas mask open fired inside the theater. He let off two cans of some kind of gas in the theater and then started shooting. Some…
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Breast-Feeding Flash-Mob Assembles After Woman Verbally Abused for Breast-Feeding in Public!


How many of you breastfeed your baby? Maybe you plan to? Would you breastfeed your child in public? How would you feel if you were in public and saw a woman breastfeeding her baby? Imagine how Kelly Schaecher must have felt when she was asked to move into a corner booth at a café in…
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How to Beat The DNS Changer Virus!

Dns chngr virus

How many of you woke up this morning and tried to check your email, or Facebook, or Twitter, or even (God forbid you should still have an account) MySpace and were greeted with a blank screen? Thousands of people experienced the same problem! While everyone is asking the same question; WHAT CAUSED THIS!? For all…
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Beating the Heat Without Power

empty shelves

As the heat continues in the East, millions are still without power. Many were coping fine for the first couple of days. Many Families have been able to eat meat that had been defrosting in their freezer. However, several days have gone by and no relief in the heat coupled with the fact that they…
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Twins Born From Brain Dead Woman


When Christine Bolden, 26, suffered from two brain aneurysms, her family and friends feared not only for her life, but for the lives of the twin boys that she was pregnant with at the time. The baby boys, Nicholas and Alexander Bolden weighed less than two pounds when they were delivered via a cesarean section…
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Amber Alert- 3 Day Old Boy Kidnapped

amber alert

An Amber Alert was issued for a three-day-old infant boy. The infant was last seen wearing a green and white one piece that snaps between the legs. The outfit has the word “Handsome” written across the front of it. The infant is described as a white baby boy 20 inches long weighing approximately 5 pounds.…
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Baby’s Finger Partially Cut Off

| Current News


How would you feel if you had to rush your 3-month-old daughter to the hospital for a high fever and bronchitis? I am sure that you would be distraught, maybe even hysterical(Unlike me. I would be as cool as a cucumber… Right?). I am sure that Veronica Olguin, a 15-year-old from Haines City, had some…
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Snooki=Pregnancy Drama!


Everyone’s heard of Nicole Polizzi mostly commonly none by her nickname Snooki. The popular “meatball” from the hit MTV show ‘Jersey Shore’ is three months pregnant. Everyone is wondering if MTV is going to do another season with or without Snooki, or even at all. Well representatives for MTV have announced that they will be…
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Hicks Files Suit Against School Officials for Unlawful Expulsion


A boarding school in Gallup, N.M. has found itself in the middle of a law suit. You see, Shantelle Hicks, an 8th grader at that school says that officials at school had kicked her out because she was pregnant. The suit is said to state that the school officials told Hicks that she would be…
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Mom Charged with Selling Sex with Daughter in Exchange for Drugs/Cash


Columbus,Georgia police arrested 39 year old Dalina Nicholas on charges that she was “pimping” her 6 year old daughter for money and crack cocaine. Nicholas’s daughter confided in a homeless man that she was being sexually abused and asked him to help her make it stop. The man said it had been going on for…
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Rhode Island Teen Has License Revoked For Life


How many of you have been in a “fender bender“? Nothing too serious, just a little bumps and some scratches. How many of you have totaled a car in an accident? Everyone was a little shaken up but mostly okay. What kind of punishment did you get? A few points on your license? A fine?…
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