A Hero Named Bear!

dog and boy

The hero named Bear is a dog that lives in Michigan. Bear saved a 14 month old toddler from drowning in the family pool. Patricia Drauch was heading for the garage to put some tools away when she noticed her son Stanley was no longer following behind her. Drauch frantically started looking for Stanley when…
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Grief to Love


The Lily Sarah Grace Fund was started after the death of the girls. It was started by Matthew Badger in 2012, after three of his daughters died in a fire along with their grandparents. Lily was 9 years old and the twins, Sarah and Grace were seven. The fire was started by accident, due to…
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The perfect spring accessory is statement earrings

Guest post written by Vanessa Richardson One thing that I’ve always loved about accessories is how just changing out one or two from an outfit can really change the whole look of an outfit. It makes having just a few simple pieces in wardrobe that much more versatile. That’s the rule that I’ve always styled…
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Easter Time and Family


It’s Easter time again and that means dying eggs. Every year our family dyes eggs. We make it a major event around here. We invite friends, neighbors, and the whole family. Everyone gets a certain number of eggs to die. This year one of the oldest brothers made a contest. He said he would give…
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Aaron Hatchner died, Claims of Abuse

aaron Hatchner

The parents of Aaron Hatchner, a special needs student, who died last March, have filed a lawsuit for $10.5 Million against the District and 15 Fulton County employess. Ronald and Arthelia claim that their son died after a teacher physically abused him. His head has to be turned to the side to breath. The boys…
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Was the Pilot Right?


Okay, originally I did not pay much attention to the news that broke last week concerning the Delta pilot refusing to fly with 2 Muslim leaders on board. But after this morning’s news with the Taliban saying that they claim responsibility for the attacks in Nortwest Pakistan that killed at least 80 people. They also…
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