New Moms and Newborns


Congratulations on the birth of your new baby. You can finally let out a relaxing exhale since labor and delivery are finally over. Now you will find a new infant in the house, which will mean many changes. Many parents take weeks before they feel comfortable with their infants. Infants are so tiny and fragile.…
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Prevent Sids


It is very important to let all of the people in your child’s life know what actions are to be taken to make him/her safer. 1) ALWAYS place your child on his/her back to sleep, also make sure that the mattress is firm and that the sheets are tight-fitting so your child is unable to…
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Potty Training


Potty training requires cooperation between you, your child and your daycare provider. A deal of patience is needed from everyone involved. The process can be difficult if you expect too much, too soon. A child needs to be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to begin. Some instances where potty training should be postponed are: -…
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Nutrition for an Unborn Baby

pregnancy nutrition

Your newborn will get all of his/her nutrition from breast milk or an iron fortified infant formula. If you choose to bottle feed he/she will probably eat 1-3 ounces every two to six hours. This will change as your baby gets older. Your newborn will probably drink up to 32 ounces of formula daily. As…
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Newbon Baby Girl

A new baby in the family is a special time for everyone. You will have lots of company those first few weeks the baby is home. A new mother needs to make sure that she takes time for herself. It is easy to get caught up into entertaining friends and family that stop by. Have…
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DpaT – DIPHTHERIA, TETANUS (LOCKJAW), PERTUSSIS (WHOOPING COUGH) DIPHTHERIA is a thick mucus in the back of your throat which can cause breathing problems. Some complications of this illness are heart failure, paralysis, and even death. TETANUS also known as LOCKJAW can enter your body through a cut. It can prevent a person from opening…
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How to Choose a Name

baby name

There are many questions to ask yourself before you give your baby a name. You want to make sure it blends right with your last name. You do not want your child to be teased as he grows up because of his/her name. Therefore you should take the time to be informed. For example….You should…
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Baby Guidelines

newborn and mother3

This is a guideline to help you know if your infant or toddler is on target. All infants and toddlers learn at their own pace. This is just a guideline not a definite plan your toddler should follow. 3 months old -Your baby should be making cooing sounds -Your baby should be able to lift…
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Baby Proofing Guide

Baby Gate

It is important to go through your home when you have a baby and see what can be made safer. Adults leave things in places all over the house not realizing the dangers it poses for a baby. This article is a guide to help you try and make baby’s world a little safer. For…
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Baby Allergies

Baby Allergies3

Does your child have dark circles under his eyes? Does your daughter seem hyperactive at times, and fine others? Have you noticed your child has tummy problems or that he or she has a rash? Your child may be intolerant or allergic to a food or additive. A food allergy is present when your body’s…
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