Baby Falling Asleep

baby leo

This video is so cute!

Bath Time With the Dogs

dog bath time

This baby’s laugh is soooo cute! You can’t help but smile when you hear it!

Cute Baby Dancing

baby dancing

LOOK! It’s Lady GaGa’s LITTLEST little monster!

Video of the Week

dancing dog

It’s always the simple things that entertain the most…

Mean Laughing Baby

laughing baby

The laughing baby is just plain adorable!

Baby Laughing Hysterically

| Video of the Week

cute flarp baby

Funny Baby

| Video of the Week

baby crying

I think that the best part is what the mothers says at the end of the video.

Video of the Week!


FYI- This is not a paid advertisement. I just thought this video was funny.

We’re Pregnant!!!


Funny Baby Laugh

laughing baby

I thought that this was hilarious. The description says that all they are doing to make him laugh is popping a binky out of their mouths.

I’m Prego!


I love these videos!