Easter Time and Family

It’s Easter time again and that means dying eggs. Every year our family dyes eggs. We make it a major event around here. We invite friends, neighbors, and the whole family. Everyone gets a certain number of eggs to die. This year one of the oldest brothers made a contest. He said he would give $20 to the first one that could get all 5 colors on their egg without the colors touching. I must say that at first I thought it was going to be hard and then I look around the table and find all the kids were doing it. It made out for a very fun time while all the kids were grabbing at the different colors.

I am going to give you step by step directions on how we dye eggs. First you start by adding water to a 6qt. pan. Fill it ¾ the way up with cold water. Put a few pinches of salt in the water to help the eggs not to crack. Someone also told me that it helps the water boil faster.

Now, place two dozen eggs (only because I have several children) you can boil less if you desire fewer eggs. Place on the stove and when the water starts to boil you start the timer. I boil my eggs for 15 minutes. Once the timer goes off, I drain the water and fill the pan with cold water and ice. I let the eggs stay in the ice water for ten minutes. This stops the eggs from continuing to cook. Take the eggs out of the ice water and place them in a bowl and put them in the refrigerator.

While the eggs are cooling in the refrigerator you can prepare all your other supplies. Let’s start by getting the water cups as well as the dye tablets. Then be sure to have on hand, stickers, glue, glitter, special wax crayons, rubber bands, and egg wraps.

Set up a work station for each child. Place newspaper down in each child’s spot. Place a little of each item at every station. After you finish getting the supplies ready, check the eggs to see if the eggs are cool to the touch.  If they are begin dying by drying them off with a dry towel.  Now count out the desired number that each child is supposed to dye. This way they know up front how many colors they can pick. Place the water and dye tablet in the cup along with the vinegar and stir.

If you want to make a rubber band design, place rubber bands on the egg before dying the egg.  Like wise use the special wax crayon to write a message first before placing the egg in the dye. Have each child choose an egg and begin by placing it in their color of choice. Let the egg stay in the dye until it is the desired color. Pull eggs out of dye and place in a drying container. After egg is dry your child can add stickers and egg wraps. If your child wants glitter you can roll the egg in glue then glitter or you can give them the glue bottle to draw a certain design on the egg and then sprinkle the glitter over the glued area.  After you are completely done decorating, place eggs back in the refrigerator. It is important not to have the eggs out in room temperature too long because of the growth of bacteria. Happy dyeing!

After we dyed our eggs we had an Easter egg hunt outside in our back yard. It was fun for all. We also hid plastic eggs with money in them to make it more interesting. There was a golden plastic egg that held the whereabouts of the grand prize. The grand prize this year was an Easter basket full of chocolate candy bars. Leave a comment and let me know what your Easter celebration was like.

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