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The Breastfeeding Sourcebook is a wonderful book for women who decide that they would like to breastfeed. I breastfed most of my children but at first I had some major issues. I was a young mother and my mother bottle fed me and my brother so I had no support system when it came to breastfeeding.
My first child I immediately decided to breastfeed. It was mostly a decision I made due to finances because I was young and did not have a lot of income. Right away, I found that I enjoyed breastfeeding. It hurt at first but I felt like I was giving my child better more natural milk. The problem was, the only instruction I received was at the hospital. I thought that I was doing a great job with breastfeeding until I took my son to his doctor appointment. My son’s pediatrician immediately said he had lost too much weight. He said that he hadn’t been eating enough. I felt so inadequate as a mother at that moment. I felt like I could have killed him. The doctor gave me a case of formula with a feeding schedule on a little card and sent us home with a follow-up appointment. He did not encourage me at all to continue to breastfeed. He wanted my son on formula to gain weight.
My son did gain weight and I bottle fed him formula for his first year. When my second child was born I immediately stuck him on formula. I had no confidence to breastfeed him at all. When my third child was born, a good friend of mine which had a baby girl who was 6 months old by the time my child was born, encouraged me to try to breastfeed again. I was successful this time. I realized that when I tried to feed my first child that when he would fall asleep, I thought he was finished. That to me meant he had been fed. He was done. Somewhere along the line I didn’t hear the nurses tell me wake him up. I thought he was satisfied when he fell asleep. I am sure the nurses told me that but I was young and it was a lot of information to retain. I just needed encouragement and hadn’t gotten it.
This breastfeeding book is chalked full with information for the breastfeeding parents. I hope whoever wins this book is encouraged to breastfeed. It truly is a wonderful and rewarding experience. Just leave a comment telling me why you would like to breastfeed. On May 31, 2012 I will draw a lucky winner from those that leave a comment. Good luck.

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***If winner does not claim prize within 30 days of being notified, prize will forfeited


  1. Teresa says:

    I only breastfed my first child for two weeks, I developed mastitis in that two week period, was exhausted and alone most of the time with only my husband for support. I’m pregnant again and am determined to breast feed exclusively until I find a job. Breastfeeding is so important.

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