Grief to Love

The Lily Sarah Grace Fund was started after the death of the girls. It was started by Matthew Badger in 2012, after three of his daughters died in a fire along with their grandparents. Lily was 9 years old and the twins, Sarah and Grace were seven. The fire was started by accident, due to a contractor working at the home, who had placed ashes from a fireplace close to the trash.
Badger was grief stricken when suddenly his life, as he knew it, seemed over. Badgers daughters were all dyslexic and have always had a love for the arts. So several weeks after the fire and death of his children he decided to put all his energy into creating a fund in their memory.
Lily was great at acting and singing, whereas Sarah and Grace were fond of painting and creating. The fund helps and supports projects in the arts area for underfunded elementary schools. Badger partnered with where teachers can post projects they have on this site and this enables the donor to decide which projects they would like to fund.
The fund gives Badger an opportunity to help provide in an area that he knows his daughters love. I ask you to please go to his wonderful site that he has created in memory of them at If you are in the position to help donate please get involved.

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