Hicks Files Suit Against School Officials for Unlawful Expulsion

A boarding school in Gallup, N.M. has found itself in the middle of a law suit. You see, Shantelle Hicks, an 8th grader at that school says that officials at school had kicked her out because she was pregnant. The suit is said to state that the school officials told Hicks that she would be setting a bad example to the other students her age and she should enroll into another school.After she had left, the ACLA of New Mexicohad made it clear that it was illegal to deny any student access to an education due to pregnancy.

To make matters worse, two weeks or so after returning to school, officials at the the middle school made Hicks openly state, during an assembly, that she was pregnant.Hicks stated that it was embarrassing and no one’s business.She felt it wasn’t right for them to insist on singling her out. She also did not like all the attention it was drawing.Hicks mother, vicky says, “That her daughter’s public humiliation was just wrong.”

It is sad that a young pregnant teenager can’t come to grown adults to gain help and understanding. No wonder teenagers facing similar situations might think abortion might be an answer. These adults should be ashamed of their actions. They were in a position to be able to counsel and assist her and they let her down instead. They not only let her down but humiliated her in front of her peers. I hope she wins the suit that she has against Wingate Elementary and I hope she uses it to further her education.Please leave a comment.

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