Super Powereds: Year 2: Super Powereds, Book 2

Super Powereds: Year 2: Super Powereds, Book 2

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After all, his heart belongs to California, and he wants to return to the championship tennis circuit as soon as possible. We walked along Sixtieth Street arm and arm, our heads held high, immune to the cold and unaware of our innocence. What drives someone to put on a unitard and try to catch criminals? Wertham lost his battle against the superheroes. The other player places the pencil on the paper and with eyes closed rapidly makes a “squiggle” on the blank panel.

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He tries to keep this under wraps, though, as he does have a reputation to uphold! John is usually not the type to defend others in arguments, and prefers not to get involved. This, however, does not apply to his sister. He’s very protective over her, and he actually does have quite a good reason to be Future Shock (Tales of the Scarlet Knight #6) (Volume 6). Funny how we never see him suffer the kind of wound that requires him to piss through a catheter for the rest of his life, or have his wife wipe his ass for him because his arms don't work, or get skin grafts to fix oozing burn wounds on his face Another option for Mercy that comes to mind (but would probably require renaming Pathfinder) is a name that starts with Patho ( pathos being Greek for “suffering” or “experience” or an emotional appeal generally and a little bit of play on “path”/disease, since it seems like her emotional state is not very healthy) read online. In a sense he provides a means of infusing power into his life story and for the first time perceiving himself as a winner I’m working on a character with super speed but can’t think of an original name, have any ideas? What kind of mood and style are you looking for? I would recommend Bolt, but after the Olympics, that may not be safe. Try something like Haste, Dart, Headstrong, Slapdash, Impetus, or Momentum. If you don’t want his name to be a pun, you could use words that just sound fast, like Slash, Strike, Knifehand, or Spitfire ref.:
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