The Raptor and the Lamb: Predators and Prey in the Living

The Raptor and the Lamb: Predators and Prey in the Living

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The effect of substrate on the efficacy of seismic courtship signal transmission in the jumping spider Habronattus dossenus (Araneae: Salticidae). A. (2015): Male birch catkin bugs vary copula duration to invest more in matings with novel females. Despite this, species tend to be associated with particular kinds of habitat, and have unique ecologies that distinguish them from one another. Surviving to reproduce, and ensuring viable, reproductive offspring enter the next generation, is the ultimate driving force behind the organism’s morphological, physiological and behavioural design.

Pages: 272

Publisher: Henry Holt & Co; 1st edition (August 1997)

ISBN: 0805042989

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