The science of animal behavior (Pelican books)

The science of animal behavior (Pelican books)

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Stollnitz (eds) Behavior of Non-human Primates, Vol. 1, New York, Academic Press, pp 249–81, copyright 1965; Figure 6.22 reprinted from Animal Behaviour, Vol. 31, Galef, B. Nevertheless, experimental approaches have provided suggestive evidence for intentionality, self-awareness and an awareness of the mental worlds of other individuals in various species. It turns out that females do better in groups that have a high ratio of mature ‘silverback’ males to females, because silverbacks protect females and their offspring from predators, and groups with low male: female ratios tend to have high infant mortality.

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Publisher: Penguin Books (1966)


Trees must be recognised in the distance as diversely shaped masses, but also closer to as the bird selects a roosting site and swoops into the foliage to alight. Looked at like this, the pigeons’ apparent ability to categorise is arguably more to do with perception and sensory processing than it is with mental sophistication (Manning & Dawkins 1998) click pdf. An entertaining example of a cultural trait that has evolved in relation to underlying perceptual mechanisms is the teddy bear In keeping with this, starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) presented with such patches in an aviary took the maximum number of prey per patch on more that 95% of patch visits, irrespective of travel time (Cuthill et al. 1990). While many experiments have leant support to the marginal value theorem, others have pointed to some of its apparent limitations The severity of time and energy constraint can thus be measured in terms of its impact on normally resilient activities click pdf. What might you do to help the birds recognize their own species? The birds will probably imprint on you, but you could help them out by playing bird calls from their species Journal of Experimental Psychology Animal Behavior Processes. You may select other value types from the pick list, although most handles will not have all of the listed administrative values associated with them. The Handle System uses caching to speed handle resolution. If you check "Authoritative Query", the proxy will bypass the cache, go directly to the responsible handle server, and then refresh the cache with the data for that handle
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