Working Women in Japan: Discrimination, Resistance, and

Working Women in Japan: Discrimination, Resistance, and

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From the last quarter of the 19th cent. the condition of most manual labor has improved slowly in industrial countries through organization (see union, labor ), permitting collective bargaining with employers and successful pressure on governments for protective legislation. The Board is also authorized to delegate to its regional directors its powers under section 9 [section 159 of this title] to determine the unit appropriate for the purpose of collective bargaining, to investigate and provide for hearings, and determine whether a question of representation exists, and to direct an election or take a secret ballot under subsection (c) or (e) of section 9 [section 159 of this title] and certify the results thereof, except that upon the filling of a request therefore with the Board by any interested person, the Board may review any action of a regional director delegated to him under this paragraph, but such a review shall not, unless specifically ordered by the Board, operate as a stay of any action taken by the regional director.

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Fully exposed during the Senate hearings, it went out of business in 1962 (Smith 2003, pp. 98-102). By 1956 the Eisenhower Administration faced what would later be seen as mild inflation, but it was no laughing matter to either moderates or ultraconservatives in the corporate community , e.g. This money was used to supplement the Republican campaign in a variety of ways. To help win Democratic victories against the combined Republican and Liberty League efforts, labor played a major role in a political campaign for the first time in American history as foot soldiers for candidates and as financial contributors to campaigns , cited: S competitiveness; Thomas Kochan contributed to the work: “Harvard Business School Survey Reveals Deepening U , source: download epub. Labor unions are associations of laborers who organize to have greater bargaining power with their employers to increase their wages or to improve working conditions. Over the years, both labor unions and firms have developed strategies to achieve their own objectives or to thwart the efforts of the other side. In the early 1800s, owners of textile firms introduced a new type of machine called a white frame, which could produce cloth faster and cheaper than previous manual methods and greatly reduced the demand for textile workers , source: Economists in The Wall Street Journal’s latest monthly survey of economists put the odds of the next downturn happening within the next four years at nearly 60%. That is ... a recognition that throughout its history the American economy has never grown for more than a decade without a recession
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