Making Space

Are you running out of space in your kitchen? Do you find yourself looking around trying to find little bits of counter space just to set things down? I had my daughter’s birthday party last weekend and I didn’t want it to look so cluttered when the guests arrived. So I found some great deals on a stand-alone dish cabinet. These cabinets are great for holding all of the extra dishes and clutter that would normally be spread all over my counter! My adult son said he liked the oak finish, but I really liked the cherry. I have a cherry dining room table so it matched perfectly.

Let’s say that the dish cabinet isn’t right for you. What about some kitchen pantry cupboards. These are also great to hold all of the clutter. The best part? The price. Who knows how much you would pay if you were to go to a big chain store and buy these items, but if you get them online, you can own one of these great cabinets for just $150.00.

I think that I might just throw another party with all of the money that I saved! I may even buy myself a stainless steel insulated beverage tub for said party! I loved all the compliments I got for my decluttered counters!

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