New, Rapid HIV Testing

STD’s. Nobody wants them. Sometimes, they just happen. No matter how well you know your partner, you may not know who they have been with before you. It is something that you can not always help. They are especially difficult for college students and young adults. Not just the stress, but the cost of tests to determine whether you have one or not and then the rising cost of treatment.

In order to combat some of these costs, OraSure Technologies Inc. has created a quick and easy test for HIV that can be done easily… AT HOME! The new test, dubbed the “OraQuick In-Home HIV Test” will offer results within about 20 minutes. The test would be available without a prescription.

A lot of the major diagnostics companies such as, Abbott, Roche or J&J seem very interested in the ongoing trend toward raping and oral fluid testing as a standard of care for certain diagnostic tests.

This new test would be fast, discreet and largely accurate. The main concern about this test is that many people would test negative, therefore bypassing any other testing and treatment.

According to the Center for Disease Control, about 1.2 million people in the U.S. have HIV. Out of that number, about 20 percent are unaware that they are infected.

OraSure is one of the only tests that allows rapid HIV testing that detects the HIV antibodies in oral fluids at home. Other home testing kits require users to send blood samples off to laboratories.

The test used by professionals is 99 percent accurate, compared to most home testing kits that offer 93 percent accuracy. OraQuick would produce 1 false negative for every 13 true positive tests. The test would also produce 1 false positive for every 3,750 true negative tests. Many panel members have suggested that the label be updated to ensure that people understand the risk of a false negative.

It is said that the FDA should make a decision on approval within a few months.

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