Report Card Tips

It happens several times a year. Remember kind words do not cost anything, yet they accomplish so much. Here are some tips to help you.

- Sit down with your child and look over the report card

- If there is more then one child sit down separately with each child

- Let your child tell you about their good grades and their poor ones

- Find something positive to say even if you are disappointed in the grades

- Praise your child for good behavior, attendance, and effort

- Whether the grades are great, average, or low, show you are interested in what your child is learning.

- If the grades are poor, ask them how you can help

- Make a plan with your child and your child’s teacher to help improve the grades

- Praise their hard work and the good job they did

- Encourage your child to aim high and to do their best

- If your child did well but is upset because they did not get straight A’, reassure them that they do not have to be perfect

- If you ever need help you should contact your child’s teacher, counselor or principal

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