Mom Charged with Selling Sex with Daughter in Exchange for Drugs/Cash

Columbus,Georgia police arrested 39 year old Dalina Nicholas on charges that she was “pimping” her 6 year old daughter for money and crack cocaine. Nicholas’s daughter confided in a homeless man that she was being sexually abused and asked him to help her make it stop. The man said it had been going on for about 2 years and he finally couldn’t take it any more. He thought the mother was going to stop but she hasn’t, so he told the police about the little girl

. The man said he was present when Nicholas accepted $20 from a man and then told her daughter to take off her clothes and lay down on a mattress in the living room so that he could commit a sex act. Nicholas told the police that she was abused as a child and that she would know if her daughter was being abused. Police said that the 6 year old girl told them in detailed accounts about the abuse she endured by several different adult males in her home. Three men were identified as being the abusers but only two have been arrested. The police are currently looking for the third man to charge him accordingly. The girl and her 1 year old brother have been placed with a relative and are receiving counseling.

This case just shows how controlling drugs can be. People get hooked and then commit horrible acts to continue the habit. What mother does this. I am so glad both children are now out of the home. It is time now for them to try and heal while the mothers goes for drug rehabilitation. Any comments on this matter are welcome.

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