Sleeping on the Couch

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When babies move in they takes over the whole house. For instance, where cereal used to be stored, there is now jars of baby food and cans of baby formula. Dishes drying near the sink on a rack is now a dozen baby bottles and nipples. You can tell in every room that a baby now lives at this address. Think about it, dirty baby clothes in the laundry room, baby towels and wash clothes in the bathroom, even strollers in the garage. In the living room you see a diaper bag, blankets and toys. Some couples say that their baby has taken over their bedroom.
You see, some couples don’t even sleep in their own rooms anymore. It usually starts out with the husband sleeping on the couch during the 3am feeding. Missing sleep and having to still go to work the next day is their motivation for sleeping elsewhere. As baby begins to sleep more soundly, couples don’t want to wake the baby. They go to bed later than the baby and then the baby wakes up and can’t get back to sleep for a while.
So couples are taking a new approach to getting uninterrupted sleep. They are sleeping on the couch together. This way when the baby rolls over or coughs you don’t get woken up. Couples are enjoying the time together as well. They say they snuggle and kiss more . They are always touching because they are trying to both fit on the couch together. It is a way of rekindling the love that began to fade ;when the baby started waking up in the middle of the night.
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