Snooki=Pregnancy Drama!

Everyone’s heard of Nicole Polizzi mostly commonly none by her nickname Snooki. The popular “meatball” from the hit MTV show ‘Jersey Shore’ is three months pregnant. Everyone is wondering if MTV is going to do another season with or without Snooki, or even at all. Well representatives for MTV have announced that they will be returning for a sixth season WITH Snooki being pregnant. Someone said that they might be putting a crib into the shore house to accommodate Snooki and her new arrival. If she brings the baby to the shore house how is she going to work at the T-shirt shop or go out with her friends?? Who is going to be watching the baby? Snooki is famous for her partying and drinking but now that she is pregnant she can’t do that. You would think that her husband to be and father of the baby, Jionni LaValle, would be taking care of the baby while she is filming the season or that she not be in the season at all and just come to visit. I read some comments and here are two that stood out to me. One said that the producers should turn the ‘smush’ room into a nursery, and the other one said that the guys in that house would defiantly wear condoms now. I think it is personally stupid for having the baby in that house with all the pranks and drinking that goes on in that house.

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