Twins Born From Brain Dead Woman

When Christine Bolden, 26, suffered from two brain aneurysms, her family and friends feared not only for her life, but for the lives of the twin boys that she was pregnant with at the time.

The baby boys, Nicholas and Alexander Bolden weighed less than two pounds when they were delivered via a cesarean section on April 5th. They remain on ventilators at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Bruce Rossman, a spokesperson, has revealed.

“We certainly hope they make it, but at this time they’re too young to make a confident prognosis,” Rossman said. “Children born this early will be at high risk for chronic conditions. It’s too soon to tell.”

Bolden’s family allegedly asked the hospital “to drop everything we could to save these babies. It wasn’t that difficult a call. It required a lot of evaluations and discussions among our staff. They had to at least get to 24 weeks before we could consider delivery,” Rossman added.

Christine was considered brain dead from her aneurysms, however, the hospital agreed to try to keep her alive on ventilators long enough for the twins to develop and be delivered.

Unfortunately, Bolden has since passed away. Relatives say that it was heartbreaking to see her go but a relief to see her boys survive.

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